Shedding, video snapshot 
credit: enamoredartistShedding, video snapshot 
credit: enamoredartistcredit: enamoredartist


I couldn’t even look in the mirror, at the horror that my body did not belong to me

I had lost all contact with myself

I had outgrown the skin I was in, but I was afraid of what I would find beneath it

As I began to peel the layers off, I felt a lot of pain, heartache, confusion

Grief over a stage in my life

My eyes felt heavy, my head was dizzy

Sometimes I tried to hide it, but there was not turning back

As soon as my pores began to regain oxygen

my limbs quickly worked to get out of my old skin

I remember the day when I could smile in the mirror again. 

When I could speak without regret

I call it an in body experience

Sometimes we ask ourselves where we need to go

But sometimes the answer isn’t a place outside

Often times it is a place within

But isn’t it funny

Sometimes, the most difficult place to go is within

“ That period in your 20s where you’re necessarily having to separate yourself from a kind of romantic idea of yourself ”

—    Noah Baumbach on “Frances Ha” (via 28cornelia)

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“ Todas las niñas son enseñadas continuamente; si no es por sus padres, entonces por la cultura a su alrededor, que deben ganarse el derecho a ser amadas- que ser mujer no es suficiente. Esta es la primer lección que una mujer recibe del pensamiento patriarcal y el valor. Se debe ganar el amor. No lo merece por sí misma. Debe ser lo suficientemente buena para ser amada. Y lo bueno es siempre es definido por alguien mas, alguien de afuera. Nunca por ella misma. ”

—    Bell Hooks, Comunión: La búsqueda femenina del amor. (via chingona-femineidad-latina)

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to anyone who has survived abuse (physical, mental, emotional)

Please know that you are loved
That you are strong
That it is not your fault
That just because people defend your abuser(s), does not mean it is justified
Trust that although not everyone will want to listen, the right people will 
Trust that you are not alone
You matter and deserve to be safe
Perhaps some days you won’t trust someone long enough to give you a hug, but each day is a new day…so perhaps tomorrow
Hurt feeds hurt, so learn to nourish your happiness 
Do not feel ashamed for what you’ve gone through
And when it comes to making decisions, 
trust your instincts, not your fear

I’ll never forget it. 

4th grade. 

We were the only two kids who spoke Spanish in our class. 

He just said “bonita”

And I blushed and said, “shut up”.

It was the first time a boy ever said something nice to me. It didn’t happen very often growing up. But I’ll never forget the innocence and sweetness of that word. 

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